Happy September & Week One Prep!

While it is not the first day of September, it is my first post of the month – and for this blog! It was an activity-packed holiday weekend and I am winding down the weekend prepared for the week. Meal prep has been done, workouts are on the schedule and my goals have been set for the next four days! Meal prepping is the #1 thing that has made my life easier. If you’re not on the meal prep wagon then I highly recommend giving it a try!

Due to the short work week ahead, I only spent time preparing a few meals and I alternate them throughout the week. My meal prepping matrix usually looks something like this:

B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner, S=Snacks and W/O=Daily Workout.

I have found it helpful to include my workout schedule on the same day-to-day breakdown that my meals are written. This way, I can see what my whole day will look like from start to finish. I have also learned over some trial and error that some days you just need more fuel and I will plan to have an extra-solid recovery meal after my workout. Or maybe, I have a lunch meeting and I want to take an extra snack to supplement whatever is being catered.

This weeks meal plan was all about quick and easy. This includes the super simple, customizable egg casserole. One of my favorites that I keep going back to on a busy week.


You could virtually change this up every week and not have the same thing twice. With eggs and egg whites (to give the casserole the fluff) as the base, the endless combinations of spices and seasonings, vegetables and optional meats make this my go-to Breakfast. This week’s eggs are blessed with spinach, red bell pepper, red onion, and bacon and topped with green onions, nutritional yeast and some Trader Joe’s Smoked Gouda. I don’t recall the spices, but you can never go wrong with garlic powder, sea salt, chili powder and paprika. And to round off the meal, I will pair a slice of casserole with some potatoes or a piece of fruit.

Hopefully this next post will be more structured. I will keep you updated on my weekly preparations and even give you some tips along the way!

Have a great week!



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