About Me

Hello, my name is Delana. I’m a Kentucky-girl with a passion for home-cooked food. My Home-cooked Life (formerly Healthy Rations) was created out of my affinity to crave and whip up delicious, body-loving home-cooked meals.

I believe that almost everything tastes better (and is better for you) when it comes from your own kitchen. When so much love, hard work and attention to detail goes into your cooking, it’s impossible for that to not be evident in the food on your plate! My trick is to keep is simple, so you will find so many easy, peasy recipes here that will keep your taste buds and your wallet happy. Meal planning helps keep my busy life a healthy one, too! Hopefully I can share some tips to incorporating this into your life to keep you eating fresh

My food philosophy is: Real food is  r e a l  good.  I believe that food has the power to heal from the inside-out. For me, it has healed everything from my decade-long battle with skin issues, improved my sleep, physical performance and digestion. I carry on with my habits of eating food fresh from my kitchen and

I’m all about testing new approaches to wellness, trying new recipes, and giving new fitness classes a spin (no pun intended). But it all circles back to the spirit of feeling your best and giving your body the attention and love it deserves. I hope you encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen by giving you the confidence that you are capable and the recipes to get – it – done.

Other Things I Love: meal prepping, home-cooked meals, fitness, my two rescue dogs Mia and Lucy, dark chocolate, a glass of red wine, a spoon full of almond butter on anything, hiking, hunting, road trips, and a good book!